The origin of the name "Venables"

The Celts installed themselves on this spur of land which dominates the valley of the Seine: it may have been the origin of the name of VENABLES: "Ven" indicates a mountain and "Belen" is the Celtic god of the sun. In the 13th century, one finds the terms Venablis or Venabula.


  • VENABELEN : the word VEN indicates a mountain and BELEN indicates the Celtic god of the sun

  • VENATIO : in Latin it means a hunting ground

  • VENERIS : Name of a temple dedicated to Venus

  • VENA (Venae) : means vein in Latin (metal lode, thin stream)

  • VENABULUM : means a hunters spear


During the 13th century, the administrative and military centre of the village is called VENABLIS and VENABULA

logo commune de Venables.jpg

The first known representation of the coat of arms of the town of Venables was created from a coat of arms dating from 1560:


Azure with two silver faces, adorned with a dragon pierced with an arrow, about to devour a child, bearing the mention: "Venabulis Vinco". I vanish by the spear (or the stake).


Legend in Middlewich says that Gilbert de Venables fought and defeated the dragon to save the child.