Convention 2016

A team of 65 people led by Patrick Lequette, Mayor of Venables, mobilized for several months to be ready to receive for the 7th time their guests who bear the name of the village. They arrived from England, Ireland, the United States, Canada and Australia.

For this event, 18 Venables families got involved in accommodating the Venables families who wanted to stay with the locals.


On the afternoon of July 13, the participants were greeted by the Bénévoles Venablois to hand them over their badge, the convention program, making contact with the hosts all around refreshing drinks to discuss the highlights of past conventions. It was with great emotion that we found the families of those who since 1986 have not missed any conventions and who hastened with the organizers to integrate the families whose first participation was.


A big moment, Mr. Patrick Lequette officially received all the guests on the steps of the town hall:

Dear lady and gentleman , welcome to the village of Venables.


We are all very happy to receive you for the thirtieth anniversary of the Venables Families Convention. Venables the name of a family and a village that has crossed history through the ages. Thanks to our ancestor Gilbert | who accompanied William the Conqueror | in thousand sixty-six | during the Norman period in England. We have a special thought for Bernard Oger  founder of this unique event and for those who left us since the last convention George Venable Beury from Louisville  Laurin Blacken from Oregon and Tony Venables “the admiral” We hope that this event will allow you to meet other members of the big Venables family. I hope you will all enjoy the next coming days and bring unforgettable souvenirs back home. I hereby declare open the seventh Venables Families Convention.

Thanks you


After the traditional photo in front of the town hall, the Venables families and the Venablois met in the evening to have an aperitif in front of the village presbytery. It was in a very good atmosphere around a Norman buffet that the evening continued.








                                                                 Program of the 7th convention




Program Thursday, July 14th

  • Free morning

    • Focus on local Venables families meeting with Venables

  • 2:00 pm : tourist and historical town tour with vintage vehicles

    • Exhibition of military vehicles

    • Animation in the different Venables hamlets

    • Opening of the Museum "Once upon a time (in) Venables”


  • 8:00 pm : French National Day Evening

    • Picnic

    • Cavalcade with entertainment in plan d’eau (lanterns, confetti, and fanfare)

    • Fireworks

    • Outdoor tavern style Ball with DJ


Program Friday July 15th

  • Free morning

    • Focus on local Venables families meeting with Venables families.

  • 2:00 pm : Medieval afternoon

    • Commemoration of the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings

    • Attractions and Medieval Games


  • 7:00 pm : Meal with medieval costumes

    • Animation


Program Saturday, July 16th


  • Free morning

    • Focus on local Venables families meeting with Venables families.


  • 5:00 pm : Break “out of time”

    • In House and Venetian magic evening at the Castle


Program Sunday, July 17th

  • 11.00 am : Brunch

    • Moment that will bring together the Venables families

    • the local Venables families who participated and contributed to the set-up of the Convention.

    • 16h00 am : End of the 7th World Venables agreement