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Object / Associative Project                                                                              Venables on: 2020/10/10


Dear friends,


Since 1986 the seven conventions have made it possible to enrich the history of our village and create beautiful exchanges both on the history of the Venables families, on their ancestor Gilbert, and on the friendship established between the inhabitants of the village and the Venables Families. . This great saga of the Venables Families was built thanks to your involvement in the design and development of these events.


For thirty-seven years I worked for the destinies of my village as a Councilor, then as Mayor. My participation in all the conventions, my passion for history and my interest in my village, prompts me to propose today to give a new dimension to the Cultural Center "Gilbert de Venables" by creating an association in international vocation and thus continue the story with the Venables families and contribute to the influence of the name of Venables. It is a new challenge that we take up after the incredible historic work done. We are convinced that a shared culture will be the future of our association. This cannot be achieved without the Venables families. This is why the association is looking for representatives of the Venables families to create delegations on each continent.


I am giving you the draft statutes and regulations of this association. Thank you in advance for your return and remain open to your intentions.


I send you my sincere regards.


                                                                                                                   Patrick Lequette

                                                                                        Administrator of the ‘Gilbert de Venables Cultural Center”

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