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We are in the 11th century. The creation of the Fief de Venables dates back to 1018 during the transfer to the bishopric of Beauvais of certain own property that Roger bishop of Beauvais (1002-1022), owned on the pagus Madriacensis (currently Plateau de Madrie).


Around 1055 Gilbert receives the stronghold of Venables. Gilbert and his neighbors Hugues and Guillaume de la Mare will enlist in the army and will leave to conquer England alongside William the Conqueror in 1066. For their good and loyal services, and following the promises of the Duke, William the Conqueror, they will be endowed with land in the County of Cheshire attributed to Hugues d'Avranches. Guillaume de la Mare dies during the battle of Hasting, his brother Hugues will be named Hugh of Delamere. Gilbert will take root there. His grandson will be the first Baron of Kindterton.

In 1972, a distant descendant of Gilbert, Robert Venables from England, made a stopover in the village. He meets the mayor of the time, who introduces him to Bernard Oger. In 1975 an American Steve Venables from California discovered the Village in his turn. All these successive visits mean that Bernard Oger, passionate about the history of his village, also discovers during his research that there are other Families who bear the name of the village. A name that has been perpetuated throughout history and around the world. In 1986 Bernard Oger decided to create the first Venables Families convention. Since then it will be a great adventure that will take place every five years and reunite for a few days Venables families scattered on the five continents of the Planet.

The "Gilbert de Venables" Cultural Center was born during the fourth convention of the Venables families on the initiative of Mr. Bernard Oger and Mr. Patrick Lequette this structure allows to set up a set of activities for the Valorisation of the Name by Venables.

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Author: Sloan Venables