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Object / Convention Project  2021                                                                           Venables on: 2020/05/16


Dear Venable(s) friends,

Your ancestor Gilbert would probably be very happy to know that the people of village of Venables are all doing well. Our deserted streets and school playgrounds are now without laughing children. Isn’t this worldwide the opportunity to encourage on how to better support each other and communicate in a different (better) way between us, whatever the distances that separate us ?

We hope that all the Venable(s)families that we have known for many conventions, as well as all the others that we would so much like to know, are doing well.


Do not hesitate to share any news with us through the dedicated FaceBook group. And what about sharing hints and arrangements you have made to deal with this global pandemic ?

Concerning the next Venables Convention planned to be held in 2021, we are, in relation to the current world wide Covid19 situation, working on the organisation of the event.


However nothing seems to be sure for the moment and we may (!!) not be able to organize it in 2021. We might (!!!)  therefore have to postpone it one year ... 2022 ??? Give us a bit more time and we will get back to you, as soon as we can, to confirm the dates. Please stay tuned !!

In the mean time we ask you to take care of yourself and your families and of course respect the protective gestures that will allow us to share in emotion your return to the land of Gilbert de Venables.

Do not hesitate to contact us at  if you have any questions.

I send you my sincere regards.

                                       Patrick Lequette

                                           Administrator of the "Gilbert de Venables" cultural center

"Gilbert de Venables" Cultural Center