Association Culturel & Sportive de Venables

The Association was created on September 8, 1977. It is an association of persons whose purpose is to animate the municipality by creating and managing cultural activities and sports, governed by the law of July 1 1901. The headquarters of the association is set in the Town Hall of Venables.

Is a member of the association who, by accepting the statutes, freely participates in the preparation and organization of the activities of the association and has paid its membership fee.

An honorary member is any person who, through donations in kind or in money or through personal action, renders services rendered to the association.

A.C.S.V. Is administered by a Steering Committee elected at a general meeting held each year. The members of the Steering Committee shall elect, for a term of three years, the President, the Vice-President responsible for Culture, the Vice-President for Sport, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The members of the Steering Committee meet every first Thursday of each month to discuss and organize the various weekly and ad hoc activities.
In terms of leisure activities, the association organizes activities such as: dances, theatrical performances for children and adults, a fair for everything (2nd weekend of October), organization of the festivities of 14 July, Venablois stride. Fishing competitions, etc.
On the sporting level, the association manages all the activities of the municipality. Its purpose for these activities is in the field of initiation given the poor structure of equipment and supervision. Young Venablois are advised to continue their sports training in a club on the outskirts of the village. Currently the activities are ping pong, football, hiking, female gymnastics.
On the cultural level, the association touches on various fields. That of painting and works of art by the organization for many years of exhibitions. Different outings to other art forms by visiting museums, sites of cultural interest. The association has a library of 3850 volumes, open to primary school pupils and members.
The association periodically organizes ornithological and mycological outings on the site of the lake of Venables and many excursions of hiking.
In the musical area we have a church building, which lends itself admirably to the organization of very diverse concerts ranging from baroque music to chamber music, jazz, gospel, or the participation of concerts in the Rooms of the region.
In the entertainment sector, the association organizes Cabaret evenings in February, meals dancing with theme, theatrical performances, as well as the participation of members in various shows of the region and the sale of cinema square at reduced prices.
Since 1991 the association is a partner in the organization every five years of the World Convention of Venable Families. Families that are scattered on five continents and bear the name of the village. To know this historical genesis see our website:
In French language: Cultural Center
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In the interests of openness, our association maintains close relations with the Municipal Council, the other associations of the village (Charity of Venables, hunters, friendship club) and in particular with the teaching team of the " primary school.
Meeting of the Bureau: every first Thursday of each month at 19:30 Venables Town Hall.