Convention 2011

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This year's Convention was again a success. More then 90 Venables families came again together during between July 13th until July 17th) in the village of Venables :


  • Names of the participants : Click here


  • Program


    • Wednesday July 13th :


      • 2pm : Welcome to Venables families at the old presbytery (in the center of the village). Distribution of badges and the programme of the convention. Introduction of Venables families to their host families where applicable. Snack provided in the old presbytery garden (accompanied by music).


      • 4pm : Official reception of Venables families at the Town Hall (Mairie). Speeches by Jean-Marie DROUET, Mayor of Venables, and Jean-Louis DESTANG, President of the General Council of the district of l�Eure. Signing of the village guest book. Official photograph in front of the town hall (Mairie).


      • 5pm : Official reception of Venables families by the inhabitants of Venables in the village hall (salle des f�tes). Speeches by Patrick LEQUETTE, administrator of the �Gilbert de Venables� cultural centre and Isabelle CLERMONT, President of the ACSV . Speeches from official representatives and Venables Families.


      • 6pm : Cocktail served in the old presbytery garden.


      • 7pm : Festivities for the national 14th July celebrations with the inhabitants of Venables.


      • 7.30pm : Picnic in the school playground.


      • 10pm : Parade in the streets of the village.


      • 11pm : Fireworks on the mound.


      • 11.30pm : Dancing under the stars.


    • Thursday July 14th :


      • Morning free


      • 2pm : The afternoon theme : Once upon a time a Venables�

        Discover the village and take part in workshops throughout the village and the various hamlets. Proposed workshops:

        Workshops de Fontaine la Verte : (traditional games made of wood ): 1st workshop 2pm: / 2nd workshop 4.30pm: Come and see the oldest manor house* in the village and test your dexterity for wooden games of skills. *Manor house: agricultural structure in the end of the Middle-Age made of a family home, a barn, a stable, a cowshed and a dovecote. Unfortunately, the bread oven and the cart house falled in the sixty years. 1 rue St Nicolas (Fontaine la Verte)

        Workshops Venables: (cooking). 1st workshop 11 am: / 2nd workshop 4.30pm:

        Do it yourself! In a typical Norman home, you can cook and eat in a friendly way. 22 rue du Fond du Val (Venables) Workshops Venables: (olfactory discovery). 1st workshop 2pm: / 2nd workshop 4.30pm: For this workshop (at the same address as above) Genevieve and Sylvain will welcome you in the living room. Two sets of olfactory discovery: One is to know or recognize more about the scent; the second one will teach you how to combine identical fragrances. 1 rue des Grandes Vignes (Venables)

        Workshops Venables: (picture framing). 1st workshop 2 pm: / 2nd workshop 4.30pm: This workshop will allow you to learn the principles of framing. Whether it is a picture, a photo, a watercolor or other subject with a maximum size of 10 cm x 10 cm. It is possible to bring your own subject to frame. Of course you will take your work back home. You will be welcomed by Claude, Claudie and Geraldine in the garden of a house located at 1 rue des Grandes Vignes (Venables). Drinks can be shared in the courtyard with participants of the �Perfume� workshop.

        Workshops la Mare sous Venables. (Games based on the 5 senses). 1st workshop 14 pm: / 2nd workshop 4.30pm: Once upon a time... A door opened the way to a path of senses: To touch, to smell, to taste, to listen........ You are awaited on this path. 10 rue de la Gare (la Mare sous Venables)

      • 8.30pm : Open air meal with camp fire accompanied by Jazz and international popular music played by local bands.


    • Friday July 15th :


      • Free day or tourist trip to one of the following :


        • 1) � 11 Centuries of Normandy history and heritage �


          • 9am : Departure from Venables.


          • 10am : Visit the medieval castle of Harcourt and take a walk in the 17th Century arboretum.


          • 11.30am : Discover the typical charm of Normandy in Bernay : own lunch arrangements.


          • 3pm : Louis XIII castle in Beaumesnil : visit the castle, the museum of book binding and the vegetable gardens.


          • 7pm : Back to Venables.


        • 2) � Roman ruins in Evreux, formerly known as Mediolanum Aulercorum, and Gisacum �.

          • With the involvement of Tim Strickland archaeologist of the Roman world.


          • 9.30am : Departure from Venables.


          • 10am : Visit the capital of the district of l�Eure, Evreux (gallo roman ramparts).


          • 11am : Visit the museum followed by free time for lunch


          • 3pm : Visit the site of Gisacum.


          • 6.30pm : Back to Venables.


      • 7.30pm Evening of Zen attitude dedicated to harmony and serenity. �Natural� buffet dinner in Venables. Transfer to the universe of mellow. A team of professionals will initiate you in the discovery of Tai-chi, relaxation, auto massage, water choreography. Drinks buffet from here and elsewhere. Stage surprise. Bathing suit recommended.


    • Saturday July 16th :


      • Morning free


      • Afternoon : Possibility of two activities both departure Venables at 1.30pm.


        • 1) Sporting option : canoeing Discover the Normandy countryside meandering down the River Eure in a single or double canoe. Supervised activity.


        • 2) Cruise on the River Seine Two hour cruise on the � Guillaume le conqu�rant II � Discover a different aspect of the Normandy countryside often immortalized by the painters of the Ecole de Rouen, famous properties, ancient mills�


      • 8pm Gourmet dinner with entertainment.


    • Sunday July 17th :


      • 9.30am : Guided heritage tour: There remain some vestiges from Venables� history: the mound, the church, a museum opened in 2011 in the Villa Marais is the result of the work of several Venables inhabitants passionate about the history of their village. Visit open to all Venables families, the inhabitants of Venables and their friends.

        Presentation of the city Middlewich by Tim Strickland: Has been a professional Archaeologist for over 40 years. After some years in the Near East, he was appointed Chester City Archaeologist in 1973. In 1989 he was appointed a director of Grifford. He has published widely (research-papers, popular books and guidebooks) in his fields of interest. He Continues to play and important role in the Roman and Norman Middlewich Projects.


      • 11am: Brunch in the village hall (salle des f�tes) Closing of the 6th Convention with the participation of the steering committee.