Convention 2006

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A team of 74 people led by President Patrick LEQUETTE, mobilized for several months to be ready for the 5th time for their guests who bear the name of the village. They came from England, Ireland, the United States, Canada and Australia. For this event venabloise 32 families have invested to house 122 people who desired to be accommodated in private homes.



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  • On the afternoon of July 13 the participants were welcomed by volunteers Venablois. It is with emotion that they have found families, since 1986 only missing any agreement and were quick with the organizers to include families in which it was the first time. This year, families Venables were the witnesses of reconciliation with history and culture for the first time, the participation of a delegation from the city of Middelwich "the English town of the county of Cheshire in the Kinderton or settle Gilbert de Venables after 1066 " A great Moment Mayor officially received all the guests on the steps of City Hall (the reception room is too small to accommodate the large family of Venables and Venablois). The ceremony then continued at the hall, attended by officials from our area the member Loncle Fran�ois and Jean-luc Recher President of the Association of local EMS Speeches, gifts, followed by a reception, served on the esplanade of the hall flooded with sunlight, closing the first part of the day.


  • The festivities of July 14 National Day is celebrated on 13 Venables evening, eagerly awaited by families Venables and the delegation of Middlewich was discovered. The festivities began with seamless the warm atmosphere of the picnic basket that brought together for the first contact Venablois Venables and families around the barbecues. Eager young and old hands full balloon lanterns and not forgetting the confetti, went to sound and rhythm of a marching band Venabloise created for the occasion by Venablois. Everyone of the cavalcade reached the football field for the traditional contest to let go of the ball. The return of the cavalcade had fallen overnight on Venables. Then began the magic of fireworks. A show is light and subdued all the public and especially our guests marveled at the intensity of the show and the text. The night was not over, the first notes of the orchestra Alain Heron echoed in the ears of everyone and announced that the tavern would take all the dancers late into the night. Friday, July 14, 2006 The organizers had left open on Friday morning so that everyone is the festival of the day and allow families Venabloises that hosted our guests for taking the time to get acquainted.

    The afternoon buses available all have a journey to tourism in the region with among others a visit to Chateau Gaillard commentary in English, the motte of Clery, and a drop-in visit to the brewery beers of Tosny. The second circuit was a more cultural connotation with the visit of the castle and its Vascoeuil exhibition of paintings and sculpture.

    The Concert 
    Everyone ended up in the evening for a meal while waiting to go to church to hear a concert by a duo C�cile Cottin (Flute) - Alice Soria (Harp) recognized young artists on the international stage, we enchanted with a program of French music through the century Chedeville reinterpreting Bizet, Debussy, Charpentier, with the end of the show, a musical variation for us to experience the surprising use of their respective instrument. "Beautiful."


  • Saturday, July 15, 2006 (Sightseeing in the Pays d'Auge) Much of the day on Saturday was devoted to the discovery of the Norman land in particular the visit of the Auge. Castle Park Cambremer, Ch�teau de Breuil Calvados with its distillery and tasting. Lunch at Lisieux. Stroll in the Normandy countryside with a stop at Beuvron en Auge, one of the most beautiful villages in France. At the end of tour stop in Dives-sur-Mer for families in the church Venables discover the vast marble plaque containing the names of all the knights who accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066, among others that of Gilbert de Venables " Emotion! " //


  • Saturday, July 15, 2006 (activities on the water Venables) For those who wanted to stay home, play activities were organized for them. Morning hike allowed a group to discover Venables, its history, its sites and the communal as exploring the villages and tasting an aperitif at Madame Francoise Mercier them a tour of his property in the nature oldest residences in town eighteenth century. All day workshop allowed the 2nd group discover the flavors of Normandy through a cooking workshop. Time is always of the party, everyone made an appointment to the water to participate in an afternoon country where an excellent barbecue awaited those who had remained in Venables. Discussions and games (tournament ball, football, archery) animated all afternoon. In the shade of some trees is to grow the game took a refreshing nap. Everyone ended up in the afternoon for an evening that will remain etched in our memories. Around a great meal each ranged from surprise to surprise with games. Good humor prevailed, and the speeches of the Mayor Jeanne Middelwich, Tony Venables, Catherine Venables' sequence emotion. " The "Venables" are mounted on the stage to test the "big toe" according to legend, to separate the "true" descendants of Gilbert de Venables of others. A sketch prepared by Emmanuel Caill� and performed by actors and Venablois selected assistance have seen to restore the life of Gilbert "humorous historical sequence." English translation on the big screen. Do not forget the young and Venabloises Venablois who answered this during these four days and were invested with their elders for all of this festival is a real success.


  • Sunday, July 16, 2006 In a more formal setting but in a relaxed and serene, the delegations of Venables and Middlewich, gathered to attend a Mass officiated by Father dislodge and music Ailly, The Charity of Venables, Villers Roll on, D'Ailly and Tosny were dressed for the occasion their ceremonial dress. 11h official signing of the Charter of Friendship signed by Mayor Jeanne Ethon Middelwich Drouet and Jean Marie Mayor of Venables. This bond of friendship between our two communions if fed, may in future provide opportunities for fruitful exchanges, associations, schools or individuals. Signature of the Charter of friendship and the result of discussions between the last two years, to Patrick Venables Lequette "Deputy Mayor", Francis Meyer "Councillor" and Robbert De Groot "master of WEEB CCGVenables" for Middlewich Tim Stricland "Middlewich Heritage Consultant "and Jonathan Williams' Middlewich Town Clerk". During these three days the two communities had set up an exhibition of their cities. During this exhibition, the Delegation of Middlewich Venables and families have organized a spontaneous collection raising over � 600 to assist in the restoration and future development of the motte. We thank all our guests and donors for the gesture.

    A last meal together before the start, most recent photos. It is believed already to the next convention in 2011!


  • Speeches


    • Julie SMALLEY (Middlewich) (PDF)


    • Jean EATON (Middlewich) (PDF)


    • Jonathan WILLIAMS (Middlewich) (PDF)


    • Jonathan WILLIAMS (Middlewich) (french) (PDF)


    • Sylvia WALTON (Middlewich) and Madame D. HOFFMAN (Les Andelys)


  • Events

    • Charte of Friendship between Venables and Middlewich.


  • Reactions


    • Julie Smalley (Middlewich) (PDF)


    • Tim & Rosie STRICKLAND - Middlewich (PDF) It was very good to see you at the Convention. The whole experience for Rosie and me was wonderful, friend-full and completely unforgettable.


    • Jonathan WILLIAMS (Middlewich) (PDF) 


    • David and Juliet FIELD (Oxford) (PDF)