Convention 1986

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It took 18 months for a dream to become reality : the Venables were meeting in ... Venables.

In 1986, already 32 families from the five continents have been accounted for and it took over 18 months for the dream to become reality. Yet on 1st of September 1986 everything had to be cancelled as all the efforts had come to nothing. Of all families contacted principally in England and the States, only two Venables, Charles and Thomas, had answered the ACSV's invitation. But a month later, after the apparition of a short article in the Daily Telegraph newspaper, they all flooded in either by plane, train, boat, cars, or camper vans.


The Venables were on their way to Venables. Improvisation was the essence. The first Venables, Steve, arrived on Friday 10th and about fifty were to follow, the last ones arriving as the first were leaving. The local press did an excellent coverage of the event and telegrams of encouragement and congratulations came flowing in from Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Canada.


For the first time, after 920 years the Venables families, scattered as it was all over the five continents, were in their original ancestral domain. The first official evening on Friday 10th October, was marked by merriment and emotion. Some had brought their coat of arms of their family-tree dating back to their common ancestor, Gilbert de Venables. Others had photocopies of the Doomsday Book, showing the map of Cheshire and the list of lands given to Gilbert de Venables by William the Conqueror.


Program :


  • On 10th October 1986 at 6 p.m. there was the official meeting in the Town Hall by the Conseil Municipal.


  • On 11th October 1986 there was a visit of Dives sur Mer and its Cathedral where you can see the names of all the knights who followed William the Conqueror in 1066 to England

  • On 12th October 1986 there was a bring and buy sale at the village, visit of the Château Gaillard in Les Andelys, visit of the village and leaving ceremony.